Discipling Pentecostals…A Fruitful People.  A Pentecostal Study on Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit.  This class will be held for five Wednesdays (August 18 & 25; September 1, 8 & 15)

Sis. Julie Bell will lead this study beginning Wednesday, August 18 at 7;00 p.m.  Week one will be a time to get to know one another and an introduction to the study.  Those who have not yet received their study book will do so and everyone will be equipped to dive into the four-week study.

August 25: Chapter 1 explores the importance of preparing one’s heart in order to receive the seed of the Word of God.

September 1: Chapter 2 studies the first trio of aspects of the Fruit of the Spirit–love, joy, peace–is studied.

September 8: Chapter 3 digs deeply into patience, kindness, and goodness.

September 15: Chapter 4 rounds out a Fruitful People by examining and applying the final trio of faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Believers will indeed learn how to walk in the Spirit and be led by the Spirit while they also live by the Spirit!

If you desire to participate, you can text Amy Gerth at 812-598-0547 or email at amygerth@gmail.com.  There is also a sign-up sheet in the NHF main hallway.  Please use one of these methods to sign up so we can order you a book.  Cost of the book is $18.00.

Pastor Mann will continue his Wednesday night class in the sanctuary, and Wednesday night classes for children and youth will also continue. If you choose to participate in this five-week study, you can view Pastor’s class online at your convenience.