Here are five convenient ways to donate to New Horizon Fellowship:

  1. Bring your donations with you if you attend an “In-Person” service.
  2. Mail your contributions directly to the church’s mailing address:  New Horizon Fellowship, P.O. Box 5247, Evansville, IN 47716
  3. Do you have an online “bill pay” option at your bank?  You can add New Horizon Fellowship to your list of accounts to be paid.  Be sure to use the church’s official mailing address (New Horizon Fellowship, P.O. Box 5247, Evansville, IN 47716) to the account information if you choose this option.
  4. Donate using PayPal.  Use the email address as the recipient. Click here to be directed to PayPal. More information about PayPal.
  5. Donate using GIVELIFY – an easy to install app for your phone.

Find out more about Givelify by clicking here!





How to Make Your First Givelify Donation:

  1. Download the free Givelify app at the App Store or get it on Google play.
  2. Locate New Horizon Fellowship as your “Place of Worship”
  3. Tap “My Place of Worship”
  4. Tap the “Give” button
  5. Tap an amount
  6. Select an envelope (i.e. “tithes,” “offering”, etc.)
  7. Tap “Give Now”
  8. Create your account
  9. Enter payment information

After the initial set up, you can simply tap “Give Now” button for future transactions.