I am privileged to present an insightfully challenging article written by Reverend Al Whittinghill.  Brother Al is a member of Ambassadors for Christ International, USA. AFCI is a fellowship of preachers and teachers of God’s Word who seek to serve the Church of Jesus Christ as catalysts for genuine spiritual revival and world evangelism, primarily through itinerant preaching ministries.

One of the greatest desires of Brother Al’s heart is to see Heaven-sent revival…. a genuine move of God in the Church of Jesus Christ, both here in America and around the world. “True God-sent revival,” Al says, “will return true believers to God’s standard of living…Christ Himself in you, the Hope of Glory!

I desire that WE prayerfully consider… 

An Appeal to Return to the Word of God

By Al Whittinghill (Ambassadors for Christ International)

The first thing that is ever recorded about the devil in the Word of God is that he came to man with the question “Has God said?” As soon as man begins to doubt God’s Word, he becomes vulnerable to the next thing the enemy wants him to do. The devil wants to diminish God’s character in our belief and thereby cause us to lose sight of the glorious God that He really is. “God is holding out on you and doesn’t have your best interests at heart. He is not good.” Then, as we lose sight of God’s character, the devil deceives us one step further. We become prone to dismiss God’s holiness and His judgment; and, therefore we become extremely susceptible to temptation and the solicitations of the devil to “go our own way.” We do not fear the consequences of sin. “You shall not surely die.” There is no fear of God.

Today the devil comes to each of us the same way, “Has God said?” He may come with a smile or even a comforting hug, and he may have impressive “credentials” and even have a Bible in his hand. He may offer us many things that are appealing to us, from activities to music, but the voice is the same, “Has God said?” He may come as “an angel of light” or a “minister of righteousness,” offering us many things that appear good and right but are not according to God’s Word. We may be beguiled through “enticing words of man’s wisdom” or “fair speeches” that tickle our ears. “Smooth words” the devil uses may even draw us to the deadly place where we actually feel better about ourselves while we are disregarding the very Word of God!

The Bible is the very Word of God! It is a supernatural book, absolutely unique! Over two thousand times the Bible claims to be words directly from God! It was the first book ever written, and it will be the only book that will last. Just think of it: 66 books written by more than forty authors, over a timeframe of about 1600 years! This miracle was penned by kings, commoners, peasants, poets, philosophers, physicians, prophets, fishermen, farmers, generals, tax collectors, scholars, shepherds, scribes, unknown and well known, etc. From at least two continents, in three languages, from tents, palaces, dungeons, cities, caves, deserts…they wrote God’s very words! In joy and in trouble, in blessings and in buffetings, in ecstasy and in exile…they wrote!

They represented different cultures and many ethnic groups. God selected them in His infinite wisdom and grace to be entrusted with His revelation, and they were moved by the Holy Spirit as they wrote! Most of them never met each other, and there were no committee meetings! And yet there is utter harmony throughout all the books and singular witness to the Lord Jesus Christ in His passion and glory! The ONLY explanation for this is an omniscient Author. You may be sure of it…the One Who gave His Word will watch over it with a holy vigilance to guard and perform it. Heaven and earth will pass away, but not one stroke of the words He has penned will pass away. The Bible tells us that all Scripture is “God breathed.” (2 Timothy 3:16). This is an absolute!

Jesus Christ our Lord regarded the Scriptures as total truth! Dare we think we are wiser than He? This is a completely arresting thought if you meditate on it. In John 10:35, Jesus said “the Scripture cannot be broken.” The entire Law and the prophets were placed in the very highest regard by our Lord in Matthew 5:17-19 where He said that ALL that had been written would be absolutely fulfilled. Heaven and Earth would pass away…but not God’s Word. It is settled forever in Heaven! Jesus referenced more than 20 Old Testament characters and quoted from 19 OT books. It is so important to note that when the devil came to Jesus in the wilderness temptation, our Lord defeated him three times with Scripture!

Jesus Christ firmly stated as total truth those Scripture passages about creation, Noah’s flood, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Moses writing the first five books, manna given from heaven, and Jonah and the whale. He cited as authoritative these and many other “sticky” passages that have sparked endless discussion and debate among those with thimble hearts! Our Lord rebuked the skeptics of His day with words like “Have you not read…?” and “It is written…,” and “You do err, not knowing the Scriptures” and “Have you not read that which was spoken to you by God…?” I wonder what He would say to the skeptics of our day?

***Published by permission of Brother Al Whittinghill  (Ambassadors for Christ International, USA)