In the verbal inspiration of the Bible.
In one God eternally existing in three persons; namely, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
That Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of the Father, conceived of the Holy Ghost, and born of the Virgin Mary.
 That Jesus was crucified, buried, and raised from the dead. That He ascended to heaven and is today at the right hand of the Father as the Intercessor.
That all have sinned and come short of the glory of God and that repentance is commanded of God for all and necessary for forgiveness of sins.
That justification, regeneration, and the new birth are wrought by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ.
In sanctification subsequent to the new birth, through faith in the blood of Christ; through the Word, and by the Holy Ghost.
Holiness to be God’s standard of living for His people.
In the baptism with the Holy Ghost subsequent to a clean heart.
In speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance and that it is the initial evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
In water baptism by immersion, and all who repent should be baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
Divine healing is provided for all in the atonement.
In the Lord’s Supper and washing of the saints’ feet.
In the pre-millennial second coming of Jesus. First, to resurrect the righteous dead and to catch away the living saints to Him in the air. Second, to reign on the earth a thousand years.
In the bodily resurrection; eternal life for the righteous, and eternal punishment for the wicked.


New Horizon Fellowship is a part of the Church of God denomination out of Cleveland, TN. We are in full agreement with the Church of God's Doctrinal & Practical Commitments, the scriptural Sanctity of Marriage between a man and a woman, and the commitment to protecting our children & youth while participating in the ministries of New Horizon Fellowship. 
These Doctrinal Commitments represent the core beliefs of the Church of God as outlined in Scripture.

Mark 1:15; Luke 13:3; Acts 3:19.

Romans 5:1; Titus 3:7.

Titus 3:5.

New birth.
John 3:3; 1 Peter 1:23; 1 John 3:9.

Sanctification subsequent to justification.
Romans 5:2; 1 Corinthians 1:30; 1 Thessalonians 4:3; Hebrews 13:12.

 Luke 1:75; 1 Thessalonians 4:7; Hebrews 12:14.

Water baptism.
Matthew 28:19; Mark 1:9, 10; John 3:22, 23; Acts 8:36, 38.

Baptism with the Holy Ghost subsequent to cleansing; the enduement of power for service.
Matthew 3:11; Luke 24:49, 53; Acts 1:4-8.

The speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance as the initial evidence of the baptism in the Holy Ghost.
John 15:26; Acts 2:4; 10:44-46; 19:1-7.

The Church.
Exodus 19:5, 6; Psalm 22:22; Matthew 16:13-19; 28:19,20; Acts 1:8; 2:42-47; 7:38; 20:28; Romans 8:14-17: 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17; 12:12-31; 2 Corinthians 6:6-18; Ephesians 2:19-22; 3:9, 21; Philippians 3:10; Hebrews 2:12; 1 Peter 2:9; 1 John 1:6, 7; Revelation 21:2, 9; 22:17.

Spiritual gifts.
1 Corinthians 12:1, 7, 10, 28, 31; 1 Corinthians 14:1.

Signs following believers.
Mark 16:17-20; Romans 15:18, 19; Hebrews 2:4.

Fruit of the Spirit.

 Romans 6:22; Galatians 5:22, 23; Ephesians 5:9; Philippians 1:11.

Divine healing provided for all in the Atonement.
 Psalm 103:3; Isaiah 53:4, 5; Matthew 8:17; James 5:14-16; 1 Peter 2:24.

The Lord’s Supper.
Luke 22:17-20; 1 Corinthians 11 : 2 3 – 2 6.

Washing the saints’ feet.
John 13:4-17; 1 Timothy 5:9, 10.

Tithing and giving.
Genesis 14:18-20; 28:20-22; Malachi 3:10; Luke 11:42 ; 1 Corinthians 16:2 ; 2 Corinthians 9:6-9 ; Hebrews 7:1-21.

Restitution where possible.
Matthew 3:8; Luke 19:8, 9.

Pre-millennial second coming of Jesus.
First, to resurrect the dead saints and to catch away the living saints to Him in the air. 1 Corinthians 15:52; 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17; 2 Thessalonians 2:1. Second, to reign on the earth a thousand years. Zechariah 14:4; 1 Thessalonians 4:14; 2 Thessalonians 1:7-10; Jude 14, 15; Revelation 5:10; 19:11-21; 20:4-6.

John 5:28, 29; Acts 24:15; Revelation 20:5, 6.

Eternal life for the righteous.
Matthew 25:46; Luke 18:30; John 10:28; Romans 6:22; 1 John 5:11-13.

Eternal punishment for the wicked.
No liberation nor annihilation. Matthew 25:41-46; Mark 3:29; 2 Thessalonians 1: 8, 9; Revelation 20:10-15; 21:8.

The Church of God's practical commitments offer scriptural guidelines for practical Christian living

We will demonstrate our commitment to Christ through our practice of the spiritual disciplines; we will demonstrate our commitment to the body of Christ through our loyalty to God and commitment to His church; and we will demonstrate our commitment to the work of Christ through our being good stewards.

We will engage in those activities which glorify God in our body and which avoid the fulfillment of the lust of the flesh. We will read, watch and listen to those things which are of positive benefit to our spiritual well-being.

We will live in a manner that inspires trust and confidence, bearing the fruit of the Spirit and seeking to manifest the character of Christ in all our behavior.

We will give priority to fulfilling family responsibilities, to preserving the sanctity of marriage and to maintaining divine order in the home.

We will practice temperance in behavior and will abstain from activities and attitudes which are offensive to our fellowman or which lead to addiction or enslavement.

We will demonstrate the scriptural principle of modesty by appearing and dressing in a manner that will enhance our Christian testimony and will avoid pride, elaborateness or sensuality.

It should be our objective to fulfill our obligations to society by being good citizens, by correcting social injustices, and by protecting the sanctity of life.
WHEREAS American society historically has recognized the sanctity of marriage between man and woman as central to the stability of our nation and its moral posture; and
WHEREAS this rational moral view is now threatened by current trends that seek to distort this view toward acceptance of unions that stand directly opposed to Scriptural directives; and
WHEREAS many state and national leaders presently are seeking to reaffirm through legislative decrees and public statements our historic stand on the sanctity of marriage between man and woman; and
WHEREAS the Church of God from its beginning has understood the Biblical model of marriage to be a sacred union between man and woman; and
WHEREAS the Church of God has continued to affirm this basic belief through a practical commitment regarding moral purity which condemns homosexuality as a fleshly behavior and sinful practice; and
WHEREAS the Church of God has further affirmed the sanctity of marriage between man and woman through a practical commitment addressing family responsibility by declaring, “Marriage is ordained of God and is a spiritual union in which man and woman are joined by God to live together as one”; and
WHEREAS it is imperative that the Church of God now enter the arena of public debate concerning this ever-increasing threat to the sanctity of marriage between man and woman;
BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that we, the 66th General Assembly of the Church of God, do reaffirm our commitment to the Word of God and its ever-present defense of marriage as a holy and sacred union between one man and one woman; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we do hereby state our opposition to the rising trend toward legitimizing homosexual unions; and
BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that we encourage our members to help preserve marriage as a sacred union between man and woman by living lives that model commitment to the Word of God, exemplify devotion to moral purity, and celebrate family responsibility (66th A., 1996, pp. 64, 65).
WHEREAS the church exists in the form of a family with family relationships, rights, privileges, and responsibilities extended to every member; and
WHEREAS all unsaved persons are loved by God who desires their reconciliation into His family; and
WHEREAS all children and youth are a heritage of the Lord (Psalm 127:3, NKJV), to be cherished, protected, defended, redeemed, and discipled; and
WHEREAS the social, physical, cognitive, psychological, and spiritual development of children and youth leave them vulnerable to harm for an increasing period of time; and
WHEREAS the current culture displays a degenerating appreciation, concern, and accountability for our children and youth, and
WHEREAS we have experienced a pervasive rise in violence to and by children and youth; and
WHEREAS the probability of physical injury or death or long-term, life-altering social, psychological, cognitive, and spiritual harm are increasing dramatically for all children and youth;
BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Church of God declares as a high priority the reconciliation, care, protection and discipline of all children and Youth within the scope of our influence, whether or not they are participants in our specific fellowship; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that each Church of God congregation be strongly encouraged to develop and implement sound policies and strategies for the protection of children and youth while participating in our various ministries; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we intensify our efforts to support and equip parents for their role as the primary care givers and teachers of children and youth; and
BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the Church of God, in any of its expressions from local to international, become an effective advocate for the protection and nurture of children and youth and that such advocacy be exercised in a positive, pro-active fashion designed to provide guidance and solutions beyond rhetoric and protest, resulting in substantive impact on our hurting world. (67th A., 1998, pp. 57, 58).

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